LEGO Launches StoryStarter For Improved Literacy

by TeachThought Workers

In the classroom, endorsing literacy is a practice that extends far further than the mere skill to examine and generate.

Literacy is aspect of broad spectrum of competencies, which includes language acquisition, comprehension, important wondering, and creative expression. Within just this expansive understanding of literacy, we obtain the value of seemingly uncomplicated tools, like LEGO bricks, which can participate in a pivotal role in endorsing literacy in modern and partaking methods.

With their common appeal and inherent flexibility, LEGOs offer a one of a kind system for literacy advancement. At very first glance, these colorful building blocks could possibly appear much taken off from the traditional applications linked with looking at and crafting. Having said that, on closer assessment, it turns into apparent that LEGOs can aid a deep engagement with the foundational facets of literacy, particularly in the early many years of a child’s development.

The integration of LEGOs into literacy education and learning is grounded in the principle of studying as a result of perform. This method aligns with the comprehension that young children are obviously curious and understand very best when actively engaged and taking pleasure in them selves.

What Does ‘LEGO’ Stand For?

‘LEGO’ is an abbreviation of Danish meaning ‘leg godt,’ this means ‘play well.’

By leveraging the playful nature of LEGOs, educators and moms and dads can generate a obviously literacy-welcoming ecosystem. For occasion, when little ones follow guidance to establish LEGO types, they are not just manipulating bricks but participating in decoding symbols and texts, which mirrors the looking through method. This hands-on practical experience with pursuing instructions enhances their capability to understand and adhere to penned narratives, therefore strengthening their reading through comprehension expertise.

How Can LEGO Constructing Blocks Be Employed In The Classroom?

LEGOs can also provide as a powerful device for vocabulary progress. As kids describe their creations or the scenarios they’re enacting, they obviously grow their descriptive language, learn new terms, and practice articulating intricate thoughts. This verbal expression is a essential literacy component, reinforcing knowing and interaction competencies. Educators can further this progress by engaging with small children about their LEGO assignments, asking open up-finished queries that really encourage more in depth responses and deeper thinking.


Creative storytelling is a different literacy talent that LEGOs can increase. Kids embark on a journey of narrative exploration by creating scenes and characters out of LEGO LEGOs. They learn to construct tales with a commencing, middle, and conclude, acquire people, and introduce conflict and resolution. 

This approach can improve their imaginative abilities and assistance them comprehend the structure of stories, a vital element in literacy. Educators can capitalize on this by encouraging youngsters to create down their LEGO stories, hence bridging the gap amongst oral and penned storytelling.

In the classroom, LEGOs can also be utilized to aid the instructing of reading through and writing immediately. Letters and words can be made out of LEGO bricks, creating the abstract character of the alphabet much more tangible and interactive. For younger little ones, this tactile working experience can solidify the recognition of letters and seems, serving as a basis for phonics instruction. For more mature youngsters, LEGOs can be used to physically construct sentences and investigate complex grammatical buildings, making the regulations and designs of language much more obtainable and engaging.

The collaborative likely of LEGO play more improves its literacy benefits. When children get the job done together on LEGO jobs, they apply communication, negotiation, and storytelling, all of which are critical literacy parts. They master to express their tips obviously, pay attention to other individuals, and add to a shared narrative, skills that are invaluable in oral and published conversation.

Employing LEGOs to market literacy is a testomony to the electrical power of artistic, play-based mostly discovering.

By tapping into LEGOs’ pure pleasure and engagement, educators and moms and dads can aid youngsters in producing a vast vary of literacy capabilities. From maximizing reading through comprehension and vocabulary to fostering innovative storytelling and created expression, LEGOs offer a stunning instrument for literacy education. In the palms of a proficient educator, these easy bricks can be transformed into developing blocks for a life time of literacy.

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